Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Recent ramblings

Times here lately in the Hall household have not been the easiest. Many different things have been causing some grief. The most recent is this cold that we all seem to be passing around. Dylan came home from school on Friday saying that his throat hurt. Slowly but surely he started getting more and more sick. Today he doesn't have a voice. I started feeling the effects of a cold coming on early Sunday morning when the coughing began. UGH! Now Brian is starting the coughing. I hope we all start feeling better and can get back to our normal routines. I guess this is going around like crazy right now. The Mt. Cedar pollen is causing people to have stronger allergies which in turn lead to nasty colds. We are going to make sure to keep taking our allergy meds and Vitamin C!

I mentioned that other things have been happening in our lives. We have been enduring some major trials...and hopefully will get through and be even stronger. It's always difficult to keep your head up when things get so bad, but sometimes it's worth forcing that chin up! I won't lie, being optomisitc when everything seems to be falling apart isn't the easiest thing to accomplish...but it is worth it in the end.

I have recently found a lot of escape through my kindle. I love that I can get my hands on books instantly. I was watching Dr. Phil the other day and Kelly Cutrone was on as a correspondent and mentioned her new book: "If you are going to cry go outside: And other things you mom didn't tell you". I'm not usually a inspirational biography reader, but this one sounded different. I started out by reading the sample my kindle offered of the book...I was hooked. She talks a lot about listening to your inner voice and not letting others influence that voice! We should be allowed to make our own decisions and follow our dreams whatever they may be. I haven't read the book yet, but I am looking forward to reading it and being inspired.
I have really lucked out having a mom who is also the high school librarian.
If you didn't know...this is my mom, LaDee.

My mom is so amazing, and is the reason both Dylan and I love reading SO much. My mom has introduced me into so many different and wonderful books. So has my sister Keaton.

If it weren't for these two women. I would have NO life! Besides being wonderful at giving me new book ideas to pack my kindle with, they are my very BEST friends!

My mom and I have had our ups and downs, but nothing will ever take away the love I have for her. My mom has taught me how to love unconditionally and for that I am very greatful! I love knowing that I can call her and cry and she'll talk to me for hours until I am calm. The past few years my mom and I have become best friends. It's nice to be able to lay it ALL out there and not get scolded for cussing! Hahaha! I have a wonderful mom!

My little sister Keaton is also my best friend. Our relationship started the day she was born (July 18, 1992), I will NEVER forget that day. I was instantly in love with her and protective like a mini mom! I still feel that way at times. I feel bad for the guy that comes into Keaton's life...I will be hell to deal with if they ever fight! No one messes with my Kea!

Anyways, it's time for me to guzzle some orange juice and read a little bit on my kindle. Thanks for reading my ramblings.

Love me tender, Shae

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Out and About

Ok so I decided to change the name of my blog and fix up the background. Like I in progress, learning this blogging stuff.

So this evening...Brian, Dylan and I got out of the house. Our little journey started with dropping off our new kitty to a shelter. We couldn't handle the cat throwing up...and I started showing major signs of allergic reaction to her. It broke my heart, but she deserves a home where she can be cuddled and loved on. I have always been a major cat person, so these new developed allergies are not something I am used to.
While we were looking for the kitty shelter...Dylan spotted a Krispy Kreme. I swear this kid can't see one without going inside. So once the cat was dropped off...we had to back track and find the Krispy Kreme. He does the exact same thing everytime he walks in...he the whole process from them making the dough, to the cutting of the dough, to the frying of the dough and so on...begs for a sample...then wants the whole store full of donuts...he takes his time choosing one, and just about that time that you think he finally chose...he chooses a different one. Oh and you CAN NOT go to Krispy Kreme without getting a Krispy Kreme hat!
Finally, we were back in the car heading home when Brian decided he was hungry. We just happened to be close to Logan's Roadhouse (Brian's FAVORITE restaurant). So we stopped and ate. Their rolls are the BOMB! Mmmmmmm...yum yum yum...but I limited myself to one roll and a salad. Brian ate his 12oz. New York strip, a baked sweet potato, and three HUGE shrimp (seriously, they were the size of lobster). Dylan ate steak tips, a salad and cinnamon apples. MMMMmmmm!!! Here's a pic of the boys munchin'!
After Logan's I decided that I wasn't ready to come home. So we went to Goodwill. I love that place for books!!! We got Dylan 6 books...all chapter books since he's reading the same level as a 5th grader. Can't beat a dollar a piece!

Now we are home...Brian is playing Super Mario on the Wii...Dylan is begging to get on the computer and I am about to stop blogging and let Paris out to potty. Life here is GREAT! We have many many plans for our little family's future. I will have to write about those later! Until then...LOVE me tender~ Shae

Just starting

So I am new to the blogging life. I have had a myspace and a facebook for years, but never thought to blog. I think it will be fun, and hopefully I will catch on quick.

So...where to start?

I have my blog titled: My life as an Army Wife...but well that sounds very limited. I don't think I will only talk about being an Army that might change. We'll see. let's start from the beginning. I am Shaelyn Hall. I'm 29. I have one child, Dylan, who is 8. I have been married to my soldier, Brian, for nine years on February 16th. I am originally from a little town in Arizona called Eagar. Since marrying I have lived in Fayetteville, North Carolina; Sierra Vista, Arizona; Wahiawa, Hawaii; Columbia, South Carolina and now San Antonio, Texas. My favorite of these was obviously Hawaii...I would go back in a heartbeat if my husband wouldn't deploy. UGH...deployments are rough!